Raising capital for a startup isn’t easy and successfully pulling through an ICO has had its challenges but perhaps the even bigger challenge for us has been the one we are facing now, post ICO. We at Ethbits are working extremely hard to bring you the best and most revolutionary crypto trading platform the world has seen and we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without the support and encouragement from our very enthusiastic and dedicated supporters. To introduce you to some of our very loyal supporters who are investors in Ethbits Exchange we decided we could do no better than let them speak for themselves. We recently interviewed Ettienne Combrink about what attracted him to Ethbits and what he envisions for the future. Enjoy!

How/Where did you first hear about Ethbits?
– I heard about the Ethbits ICO from a friend.

What drew you to Ethbits and enticed you to invest?
– I was attracted to Ethbits by the fact that the token gives me a % of the profit. I’m not a great trader, so my thought was that if I get a very small piece of every trade someone else made, I “win”. Implying that whether someone sells at a loss or a profit, I “win”. As mentioned in the whitepaper – “Our ultimate objective is to create an exchange for the people owned by the people which also provides profit to the people; because we believe our profit is our investors profit too.”

What do you envision for Ethbits moving forward?
– I see Ethbits as being one of the biggest exchanges and crypto service providers out there. I think I speak for all of the token holders when saying, we all bought the token to make money. The way we will make money is when Ethbits gets off the ground and becomes a major roll player in the market.

What differentiates Ethbits from other exchanges?
Once we do get up and running, the copy trading system and the whole banking integration are huge differences between Ethbits and other platforms out there. First we need the product and then the volume!

What features are you most excited about?
– Any and all features we can offer on the Ethbits platform is something to be excited about. I really do believe that the team is trying their utmost to get the product to market and to be the best product out there. Some exciting new features have come to the fore since the ICO. Originally copy trading was the most exciting feature but now there are more!

What do you think the future looks like for Ethbits?
– If we can get the product to market and get the masses to use the platform I see a very bright future with Ethbits.


We agree with Ettienne. When Ethbits launches it is bound to create waves…nay tsunami’s in the crypto trading world. Watch this space, we are almost there. To all of our investors and team, we thank you for your support thus far.