Our trip to the Malta blockchain Summit was a jam-packed week of intriguing and interesting encounters, that did not disappoint the expectation and hype surrounding it. The A star-studded line-up of top speakers that came together for the first edition of the Malta Blockchain Summit, was truly captivating for investors and companies alike. With over 5000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors, the Malta Blockchain Summit was confidently chaotic. The only way to describe madness for the first few hours of the summit was like a 90’s wall-street trading floor without the expensive suits. Nevertheless, there was a feeling that everyone was very egger to present their new ICO or Blockchain company to the vast onlookers. The only explanation for the chaos was confirmed by the opening speech that set-in stone the new VFA regulation that everyone was highly anticipating. This was followed by Regulatory Foresight talk covering the Protecting the Consumer without Stifling the Advancement of Technology that was conducted by Six of the greatest crypto minds offering their refreshing take on the implications of regulation in the industry and what it means for blockchain.

From a company perspective it really cemented our notions of how these regulations are going to help us as company in the near future, as it gives us something that no cryptocurrency exchange has had previously; rules to protect our customers and to mature in a healthy environment. The Friday morning started with a comedic and aw-inspiring

presentation by non-other than John McAfee. With McAfee’s career spans nearly the entire history of internet computing, he has become quite the A list celeb in the crypto’ space up there with the likes Vitalik Buterin, Changpeng Zhao, and Satoshi Nakamoto. I believe that McAfee speech will be remembered for years to come, here is a same segment that allows you see why we say this…

 “we are slaves as long as our economy and our economic interactions are controlled by other people… the dream of economic freedom is a powerful dream do we still have that dream are you here today to learn how to make more money within the system, that we are trying to escape or are you here to learn how you can be free as individuals that’s the question I fear that most of you are here to learn how to use the blockchain and photography to enrich your pockets and there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m the last man in the world who would say don’t make money, however if we choose to make money by being absorbed into that system which we allegedly are trying to escape then what’s the point what is the point a corrupt system, I don’t think so what are we doing today here in Malta out of the goodness of the Maltese government’s hearts they are creating a crypto community which is accepted by promoted by and permitted by the government I am thankful for that for one reason it will allow our community to grow”

This was a very powerful message to the awe-inspired onlookers, it did really feel like a global community at the conference as the was delegates from all over the world especially from Japan and South Korea, just shows you how much they also believe in the power of Malta.

The summit on a whole was a big success as it allowed us to have look at interesting new ICO’s that we will be surely listing on our exchange in the near future.