After much deliberation Ethbits has selected to work with Onfido, the British Artificial Intelligence KYC company considered by many to be the best identity verification engine for enterprises. Onfido provides a number of integrated services. Currently including are a Document Check, which ensures identity documents haven’t been forged, digitally tampered with, lost or stolen. An Identity Record Check which cross-references details against a range of verified global databases and credit reference agencies and finally live facial recognition software to protect against impersonation fraud. Additionally, Onfido will allows us to run PEP checks as and when we deem appropriate in higher risk jurisdictions.

Already trusted by Google, Zicpcar, Uber and a multitude of FinTech firms such as Revolut, Onfido seems the natural choice for Ethbits, allowing them to ramp up customer acquisition in a cost-effective manner. Now comes the exciting part. With the customer at the center of everything we do, you will be pleased to know that the KYC process can be undertaken via mobile and should take less than 60 seconds per customers. Onfido then have a turnaround time of around 2 hours to provide a report back to our compliance team at headquarters in Malta.