Our development team has been working hard the last few months to deliver iTrade Beta, as well as preparing for the official launch of the platform. They have been doing their best to achieve this milestone and try to impress all of our users, so that they can have the best crypto experience ever. That’s why, we decided to take you through the process of the work that our team has been doing so far.


In March, after the team came up with the idea of a referral program for iTrade, they started working on it to catch the users’ attention and increase our volume since the very beginning. As many of you may have noticed, most of the crypto exchanges out there that ranked up on CoinMarketCap have used affiliate programs, and now we hope that you will enjoy the benefits that you will have for inviting your friends to joining our platform, and spreading the word about EthBits in social media. Aside from that, the team also started working on a new landing page, and with the help of animations, they gave our website www.ethbits.com, a fresh new layout!


The team has also been working on iTrade’s blockchain implementation, and they have set security modules for every account, and a cache system to speed up transactions on the platform. That was a huge deal for us, because the crypto economy needs fast, secure and easy-to-use exchanges, and we all know that no one likes delays or trading in unsafe environments, especially when there is money involved. When the team started executing stress tests, they figured out a way to save memory on orders, which sped up the transactions even more and reached around 500k TPS (Transactions per second).


In April, the development team had to double-check the orders matching codes, and eventually implemented a fill-or-kill orders system, which offers the possibility of placing six different types of orders, so people will be able to buy, sell, or trade their favorite cryptocurrencies like a pro. Finally, and most recently, the team has been working on some order matching stress tests, balance security, and the development of trading bots to create orders. As of right now, the pre-registration for iTrade’s beta testing is already opened, so if you’re interested in joining, you can follow this link: https://itrade.ethbits.com/.


We are really excited about what has been going on behind the scenes, and we are looking forward to the official launch and receive your feedback about our platform. How do you feel about iTrade’s imminent launch? Are you as excited as we are? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts below.