Here at EthBits’ HQ we’ve been working really hard developing, and preparing to launch our revolutionary new product: iTrade, so we were really proud that the pre-registration for iTrade Beta began this month. We’ve been trying to develop the most user-friendly exchange platform possible to offer the most advanced trading insights in crypto to date. We pride ourselves on quality, and believe in advancing the trading experience in every aspect of our exchange, which has now become a standard for both newcomers and expert traders.


What can you expect from iTrade?

I am sure that most people will be excited not only about the aesthetics, but also about the feeling of a straightforward user interface (some screenshots are available at, as we made it to be captivating, and as easy to use as possible. Suited not only to newcomers by the easy-to-understand buttons, but with a few clicks you can display any technical analysis a trader desires. In a fast-growing Fintech sector like cryptocurrency, catering for a wide range of users must be a priority for all exchanges. Additionally, in order to allow advanced traders on the platform to optimize their trading, we have implemented six different types of orders, which take further steps towards closing a successful position.


Your trading experience can be simple or advanced. The choice is yours.


Users will have the opportunity to customize their trading environment, which will also offer the possibility of doing technical analysis directly on our exchange platform, without having to switch among tabs on their browser. Plus, our TradingView integration will give users easy access to all of the tools that they deserve to have a better crypto trading experience. We will also keep everyone on the loop with relevant social media updates in real time, giving users key information at the right time to make judgments on their trading.


We are excited about the user interface, but we are even more excited about what happens behind the scenes.


Why is the core behind iTrade different to other exchanges?

The core of the iTrade platform is based on unique and state-of-the-art technology that aims to make the crypto ecosystem safer. iTrade is backed up by our own blockchain, which was developed to record every change that is made to the users’ balances, and prevent hacks and falsifications from third parties. Our technology will be patented, open-sourced and published in a git repository before its release, and the blockchain of the platform, which will be implemented during the final launch in mid-summer, will use both the Lightning and Raiden networks to operate quickly and smoothly, giving the users access to higher speed transactions during heavy load traffic, which will reach up to 550k TPS (transactions per second) during the stress test. This developed environment will render iTrade provably-fair, which will offer the possibility of checking how fair is every transaction inside our own platform.


A New Kind of Account: YOUR OWN!

We know that security is an important component of the crypto business, and with that in mind, we are developing a new way of managing accounts, and we will give users the benefits of working on a decentralized exchange, while keeping trading activities secure and quick, which makes iTrade a hybrid exchange. Upon registration, each account will receive two types of private keys: a master key, and a secondary key. Each user will own their master key to approve withdrawals, and our server will keep the secondary key to record all of the orders and transactions. This step will add a security layer to the traditional account credentials (e-mail, password and 2FA), in order to prevent unauthorized withdrawals and loss of funds. As if that wasn’t enough, we will eventually be developing the possibility of creating different wallets on a single account, which will enable users to rename them and transfer funds to all of them. It will be a new way of organizing and dividing the users’ money in the same account.


Connecting Every iTrade User – A New Era

iTrade is going to be a social copy-trading crypto exchange, thus, copy-traded users will be able to create a social profile and have a wall to share their thoughts with their followers. Those public profiles will also contain a summary of the users’ trades and booked profits, and links to other social networks, such as Twitter, and Facebook, so users can share everything they want. On the other hand, users will be able to follow their favorite crypto traders and copy-trade them with a simple click, which will allow our advanced algorithm to do all the work for them!


Joining the Crypto Economy with FIAT

Last but not least, our main goal is to give newcomers easy access to iTrade. We’ve been working really hard to improve FIAT deposits and withdrawal methods, so users will be able to join the crypto world directly, without going through the KYC process on different platforms, and adding their credit card details to make deposits easier and quicker. That will be a huge feature, because we think that offering a FIAT gateway will help the adoption of crypto, the usability of iTrade and our growth as a project in the long run.


In conclusion, we think iTrade could be a game-changer, so are you ready to join us during this revolution? Don’t forget that pre-registrations for iTrade Beta are still open, so join us and be among the first users to experience exclusive features before the official launch. You can join here: Feel free to share your comments and questions below. Follow our social networks and join our Telegram group here:


We are here to amaze and share with you the beginning of a new era in the crypto economy.