The EthBits team has always tried to take into consideration the feedback from the community, and that’s why we decided to dedicate this blog entry to the latest news and updates about the work we have been doing, including some changes in our team, our plans going forward regarding advertising, web presence and partnerships, and our upcoming product: iTrade.


Organization and Structure

Let’s start with some news about our inner workings. For those of you who haven’t joined our Telegram group (, we would like to announce that our expert in web marketing, Charlotte, is now our new project manager. We‘re confident she could help EthBits grow, in order to catch more attention and become one of the top crypto volume exchanges out there. She has already started changing the way we communicate with the public by bringing more transparency and consciousness to our brand, which will maintain our usability and potential in the crypto economy. Charlotte has been working really hard with the whole team to achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves to reach the top of the crypto world.


A Detailed Business Plan

Our new project manager, along with the rest of the team, has been working on a new project plan to define EthBits’ strategic goals. That is, thinking about partnerships, potential listings, involvement on social media and events, and any kind of publicity that would help our community grow even bigger.


Web Marketing and Advertising

In May, EthBits will be focusing on iTrade, and on the very first day of the iTrade Beta launch we will be giving you some insight about what you can expect from the platform, as well as sharing with you some of the next tasks that our development team will tackle. At the same time, May will see a revival of our social media. Some of you might have noticed that we haven’t been very active on Reddit and Bitcointalk, but that will change when we start sharing updates more regularly on every one of our social media accounts. We’ve also been working on new banners to start advertising not only in social media, but in the most visited websites about cryptocurrency and exchange platforms too, including sites such as BitsOnline, among others. We have also been in touch with WDS to produce e-mail advertisement for crypto enthusiasts.



One of our partners, FidentiaX, will host an event in South Korea on May 16, and EthBits will be there for a presentation about iTrade, which will help with our planned launch. We have also been receiving attention from various crypto-related projects, such as: Racoin, Crown, Eligma, Cream, Robotina and MyWish.


Website Landing Page

We have also been working on a brand new landing page for our website, which will get us one step closer to achieving the goals we set out for ourselves. Since the pre-registration for iTrade Beta will be coming soon, we decided to make some changes to our current landing page, in order to spread the word about our brand, and increase the interactions on our website and platforms. As of right now, we’ve been completely focused on the header and the top part of our website, before we get to the rest.



As you may know, ETBS is currently listed on exchanges, such as:, IDEX, EtherDelta and our own local platform, but we have also been in negotiations with several others, including Hong Kong’s FuBT Blockchain asset exchange, which currently counts over 200,000 active registered users, and works with a daily volume of 500 to 1,000 BTC. You should also keep in mind that the ETBS and our utility token will be available on iTrade as soon as it’s launched.


As you can see, we have been pretty busy lately working to expand our brand and making a name for ourselves, so be sure to check out our website and social media accounts for more regular updates about our work. I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry and I would like to remind you that if you have any questions, you could reach us through our Telegram group (, or leave your comments below.