In the middle of the current market bloodbath, there is a promising project having its pre-sale and raising funds for developing and launching its platform, and it’s called Eligma. This project has been trying to apply a concrete way of using the blockchain technology into everyday life. It’s a fact that during the last couple of years, e-commerce has grown a lot, to the point of becoming part of our lives, and giving us 24/7 access to a great variety of products. However, there are also a lot of online stores on the internet, and users are forced to create multiple accounts in order to make a purchase. With that in mind, Eligma aims to use the blockchain technology to make the users’ experience easier, by providing a platform where they can shop online anywhere in the world with a unique account and without having to provide their personal data over and over again. Thus, people will be able to shop in different stores using the same account, as well as taking note of shipping dates, delivery costs, and more.


That is just the tip of the iceberg. Eligma’s AI algorithm has been programmed to analyze the users’ past chosen products and suggest other items that best suit their needs, based on some factors, such as: local market value, local market demand, and condition, among others. The project will also allow users to sell their products on their platform, which could be used as an escrow or as a p2p marketplace. In any case, it’s the users’ choice! Another interesting fact is that the users will be able to see the actual value of their products and contrast it with their predicted value, as well as listing all of their second-hand products in their shop, and making recommendations for their eventual replacements.


What I like the most about the Eligma project is that it offers the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies. As stated on their white paper (which can be found here:, 3% of their users choose cryptocurrencies as their favorite paying method, and that number is expected to increase in the future, so it’s safe to say that the mass adoption is coming soon. The platform has another feature, which in my opinion is the most fascinating one, and it’s the possibility of earning ELI tokens (the utility tokens of the platform) every time you shop on Eligma. They can also be earned by completing certain tasks, such as: inviting friends on social media, uploading receipts, adding items on the inventory, and sharing wish lists, among others. Plus, their Universal Loyalty Program aims to unify and remove the abundance of existing loyalty programs, so in some ways, the users will have a unique account and a unique loyalty program, secured by the blockchain technology.


Holding ELI tokens has its advantages too, because they can be used for various purposes. First of all, they allow users to shop on Eligma, but they also allow the platform to list offers on any second-hand markets, as well as using its escrow service, completing decentralized item sales on a blockchain, advertising, and so on. As you can see, the Eligma team has developed many use cases for their ELI tokens, with the goal of increasing demand and building liquidity.


Finally, I’d like to point out that if any of you wish to join their public pre-sale, and obtain a 15% bonus, you can visit their website ( for more information, but you have to keep in mind that the pre-sale will end on April 10 at 11:00 UTC. 300M out of 500M  tokens, which amounts to 60%, will be available during the sale at a rate of 1 ELI to 0.1 USD. Their public sale will start on April 17 at 11:00 UTC, and will end on May 8 at 11:00 UTC, as well. Their soft cap has already been reached, and as of the time of this writing, Eligma has raised exactly 13.547,91 ETH out of their 22.900 ETH hard cap. Personally, I’m looking forward to using Eligma in the future, because I love the idea of shopping with crypto and earning tokens at the same time, so if it sounds like something you could be interested in, I would suggest not missing the opportunity of joining this exciting project.


Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and if you want to know more about Eligma, one of their team members has agreed to answer any questions you may have in our Telegram group (, so make sure you join us for more information.