In the past weeks we submitted a questionnaire about Ethbits, because we wanted to know what do you enjoy the most about Ethbits and your experience on Local platform.


First of all we noticed that what you like the most is the intuitive and user-friendly layout that permits to buy, sell and exchange with just few clicks your cryptocurrency with FIAT or another crypto.


In fact to filter them you just need to insert some parameters like what you want to buy/sell, what you want to receive and eventually the payment method and the country.



At the same time in the Exchange section you will be able to perform a Cross-exchange between any cryptocurrency with just three clicks. You only need to click on what you want to exchange (1)  and to receive (2), suddenly offers will appear on the screen and you just need to click “Exchange” to one of them (3).  Three clicks and your deal is done

Another feature that most of you liked is the possibility to choice between among many different payment methods. Particularly I would like to mention a user that like to use Ethbits platform


“To be in contact with buyers and sellers all over the world”.


We are very glad about that because one of our aims is to be accessible and to allow everyone to join the crypto economy with their preferred payment method, worldwide and without barriers. Other payments methods will be implemented in the future and we are open to any suggestions.


Day by day we are seeing the excitement for iTrade increasing a lot! We are happy about our community and our growing fan base. By the way we are also seeing some concerns and suggestions about a FIAT gateway on iTrade and the possibility to add a Debit/Credit Card on your account. We would like to reassure you and this option will be available on iTrade. Definitely iTrade will have a FIAT Gateway in order to give you the possibility to Deposit and withdraw easily.


We also noticed that almost every users are excited and will use the Copy Trading and Social features as soon as they will be available.

Most of you would like to use the Copy Trading, some of you in order to copy top traders and other to be followed and have an extra income. The fact that the Copy Trading will increase daily volume on iTrade seems to be very exciting!

At the same time users would like to see an interface like Facebook or Twitter, where every users will have their own profile and write personal thoughts with hashtags on their walls in order to share them with the Ethbits community. In addition your suggestions are also for personal chats and the possibility to create groups.


Don’t worry we are listening your suggestions and as always we are also available on socials for any feedback from the community!

Your excitement is beautiful and we are motivated more than ever to develop and deliver an enjoyable, accessible and innovative platform to be used by everyone.