During those days I asked to a Core Team Member some questions about his commitment with EthBits. It came out a cool portrait of dedication. In fact behind the scene there are many hours of work dedicated almost entirely to the project and the community.


It is amazing to be part of the future and it is lovely to work loving what you do and Being where you belong to.”


Specifically he said to me that his tasks are focused on researching and getting in touch with new partners and possible new listings and add ons. He’s also managing a little team that produce new contents for Ethbits publications, news and listings, from writing to illustrate and handling Spanish support for helping the expansion of the Hispanic community.

Sometimes his creative side comes out and he is directly involved with the graphics, giving ideas about the design.

He does always beta testing in order to report glitches and bugs, or just to suggest improvement based on users and personal experience. He is also available during the day for supporting costumers.

Most users contact him asking about the smart contracts and he happily guide them through the lines in order to teach them how it works, how to read it or simply to execute a function. He receives different kind of PMs, from “new alliances” to simply “When moon” queries. He admits that personally he likes to guide and assist newcomers in order to try crypto and Ethbits.

As you can see he dedicates himself and lot of time to Ethbits, trying also to involve new users in the project and giving them the necessary education during the first stage of their crypto career.

As stated by him:


I can’t sell ethbits to someone that doesn’t understand about blockchain, decentralization and bitcoin.”


At last I asked him what’s his vision about the future of crypto. I like to ask this question because it usually shows me what a person think about crypto, his overall opinion about the argument and what are the motivations that bring a person to work in the crypto ecosystem.

Sincerely I really like his answer because it coincide with what I think about crypto:


“As I see blockchain in general, it represent freedom as a main goal, economically, morally, political or ethically, either way it provide the path of freedom, decentralization and transparency.”


I would like to thank the Core Team Member for his time and I hope that you enjoyed what he said like I did.

You can ask directly a questions to him in the comments here below.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post,