This week, I interviewed the EthBits team and we talked about their vision and aims for the platform. They told me about their growth plans and the steps they are taking to achieve the goals they set for themselves, including two products: Ethbits Local and iTrade.


Both platforms are part of the strategies that the EthBits team has adopted for their growth, and when I talked to them, I noticed that they have a clear focus and good ideas, that they will implement in order to enhance crypto accesibility and profitability. Most of the team has been dealing with crypto since 2012 and they know how to create an enjoyable environment for both expert traders and newcomers. The team has been focusing on development so far, but they have always been thinking about new ways of improving the concept of EthBits to give the best user experience ever.


Before I continue, I’ll give our readers a short description about the two products. EthBits Local is a growing platform that was launched during Q4 2017. It’s a next generation p2p cryptocurrency exchange that can be used for selling & buying many cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, ETBS, Monero, and Ethereum, among others, through FIAT money (Dollars, Euros, etc.). As of right now, more than 78 payment methods are accepted, and they charge half the fee of their main competitors. On the other hand, iTrade is a revolutionary copy trading platform that will be launched during Q2 2018. The platform has a user-friendly layout that allow users to copy the moves of the most advanced traders in the crypto-world, which will benefit newcomers, because they will be able to see how well top traders are performing, and copy their moves by clicking the copy button. iTrade will offer a customizable technical analysis user interface with TradingView integration, and will have special features, such as being provably-fair. Additionally, FIAT deposits & withdrawals will be possible, along with the ability to set a stop-loss and trailing stop-loss. The team developed this easy-to-do copy trading feature, while thinking about the current fast-growing cryptocurrency market, taking into account that digital currency has been on the rise the last few months.


EthBits’ public relations manager said this:


“There are a lot of new people who come into the crypto world with vague ideas about which coins to buy, and they usually resort to following advice in chat groups of forums. Sometimes, that’s not the best advice and it can lead to a loss of money. iTrade takes away these trust issues, because people can clearly see what other traders are doing. It is also the ideal tool for people who simply do not have the time to trade.”


All traders will also have the advantage of the copy trading feature, which will give them the chance of multiplying their trading profit and building a large following of users. The copy trading feature will also benefit the platform itself, because it will generate additional volume of traffic, and transactions on the platform, so the ETBS token holders will be surely happier about it.


When I asked the team what they were expecting from EthBits in terms of growth, I knew their goals were pretty clear. The main goal is for EthBits to be recognized as the first cryptocurrency copy trading exchange, and also to exceed a volume of 1,000 BTC per day. They also would like to see EthBits volume on the top 20 of


Personally I think that those targets are achievable. What about you? Will we see EthBits become the most performing cryptocurrency exchange?

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