Hello everyone! I hope you all spent your winter holidays well.

So 2018 has come, and that means this year is the year of iTtrade release (for those who didn’t see the design presentation). I’m sure it’s going to be a great year for our investors as well as for all the users who deal with cryptocurrencies. Down below I’m going to talk a little bit about the technical aspect of iTrade, but, following the tradition, let’s start from the beginning.


Ethbits Local:

– The amount of Ethbits Local users exceeded 3000 and constantly growing. In order to motivate users we have decided to create referral system. We will integrate it in the beginning of February.

– This month 3 new tokens have been added: X8X, POWR, REP

– We improved the design of exchange page. Now you can easily select what you want to change and what to change it to, and get your deal done in 3 clicks.

– In 2 weeks we will improve the search parameters on Buy and Sell pages. Also the changes are to be expected on create search page

– We often get texted at support about ICO and what Ethbits is. This is our fault we didn’t make some things clear. Ethbits is a complex project: successful ICO, iTrade and Ethbits Local. That’s why in the nearest time www.ethbits.com will be a general site containing full information about our projects. Ethbits Local is already packing its things and very soon will be moving to local.ethbits.com.



Our own blockchain. In blockchain there will be recorded the changes of users balances. Therefore it will be impossible to compromise or falsify users balance values. This technology (open source) will be patented and published in git repository before the release.

Transaction speed. Currently the only downside of blockchain system is processing speed during heavy loads. For our own blockchain we will be using lightning and raiden network.

– You are the only person who operates with your money. Upon registration each user will be given 2 types of private keys – Master key and secondary key. Secondary key will be kept on our server, using it we will sign your orders and transactions. Master key will be kept only by you and would allow withdrawal of funds from the exchange.

That is all I can say for now. Thank you for your attention.