Hello dear investors and users of Ethbits.

I want to congratulate you with past and upcoming holidays. I’m sure in the next year we will change your view of cryptocurrency exchanges.
Let’s not distract you from New Year’s preparations and without further ado get to the business:

Ethbits Local:

We get a lot of feedback and suggestions about design improvement. We keep this in mind and next year the exchange page will get a fresh coat of paint. In January 2018 we are adding XVG and coupon system through which you will be able to get various bonuses on our website. Ethbits Local is steadily growing thanks to new users and cryptocurrencies.

You can always help us with promotion by sharing the information about our project in your social media. Because, as it’s well known, the best marketing is a recommendation from one user to another.


Design is provided here http://itrade.ethbits.com/.

Open your glass package like a New Year’s gift and see what we have prepared for you.
All the date of iTrade launch stay the same. No delays. Closed beta is the middle of the spring 2018. Official launch is the middle of the summer 2018.

Thank you kindly for your attention and have a wonderful holiday season!

*We recommend to view iTrade page only on devices which have more than 1024px in width and fullscreen mode


Dmitry Sergeev CEO, DevLab LLC.