Dear Ethbits community


We would like to inform that the snapshot just happened and the airdrop was deposited in our smart contract according to what we told in our previous blog entry. READY TO CLAIM!

This quarter we will release 31,480.02 USD in ETH to the users as a result from indexing a very small proportion of the ICO funds as a thank you for the commitment. This ensures that during our times of development and optimisation the investors still can gain something.

At the time of delivering the airdrop we have just opened a position with a new Swiss based company which we are certain will be the future link between decentralised crypto and the banking system. Token holders can also look forward to future profits in TENX and we will ensure all the airdrops such as OMG make its way back to token holders.

The Ethbits Local Platform did not make any kind of significant profit so far in order to pay users because the low volume so indexing funds has proved as a buffer between nothing and a small return. Soon these times will be behind us and we will be not only paying dividends but expect to see a significant demand for our token. SEO services hired, ads, marketing and PR incoming and more interesting listing that will push the volume of our local platform. Volume is slowly increasing and we like to encourage our community to use our services, your own platform, to perform as many trades as you need. So as always your patience is always appreciated.

Our next step is ensuring we have an alpha version of iTrade available as early as possible in Q1 2018 and optimising the already functional Ethbits Local. Ethbits Local has a growing community in Venezuela (SEO, PR and marketing starting this next week), and the next target in the UK.

Instructions to claim your dividends are below. If you are not planning on selling your ETBS you can leave the your airdrop there and accumulate, they will go no where and they are linked to your own wallet. Just claim them before you move your ETBS to another wallet.

1.Go to

2.Click Contract tab (look the example image):

3.Paste this contract address 0x6822aaf4ab22e6cca8352a927b9ae0a8fdb58d9d in the Contract Address field (look the example image):

4.Go to and copy the whole text and paste that in the ABI/JSON field (look the example image):

5.Click “Access” and select claimDividendsAll from select a function box (look the example image):

6.Select the way you would like to use to access your wallet (look the example image):

7.Click WRITE (look the example image):

8.After you click WRITE you have to generate the transaction. You will be shown a screen with default values in. It is important you do not change these values and click GENERATE TRANSACTION, please wait until it generate the gas limit needed and the square turns green and shows you a number (look the example image):


9. You will then be given a TX id to track the transaction and that is your final step but incase problems with the network please keep reading.  The image below is just an example that shows you where to see how many ETH are you receiving, you should see 2 transfer when you claim your airdrop because the first one was the test deposit snapshot (look the example image):

10.- Wait until the TX ID show the transaction as completed and you will have your dividends in your wallet address.


Once again we’d like to take this opportunity for thanking our community who have placed their trust in us, and maintained their confidence as we’ve working hard to provide our main start, ITRADE. We look forward to a bright future for the EthBits project and we are pretty sure that your patience will pay off!

If anyone is around please come visit us at The North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami 18-19 January or Coinfest, Manchester in the first week of April. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas and perspectives on the bright future that Ethbits will have in Crypto.



Kind Regards
EthBits Team

Woot Woot!!