Hello our dear users and investors. As you are aware we’ve been working hard on Ethbits.com, our local P2P exchange and Ethbits iTrade. Striving to deliver the best product possible optimising the user interface based on feedback.

Once again we’d like to take this opportunity for thanking our community who have placed their trust in us and maintained their confidence as we’ve been working very hard to deliver the best products in a timely manner. We look forward to a bright future for the Ethbits project and growing our community in as many countries where crypto is traded.

As promised, We will be delivering our 2nd quarterly airdrop in ETH to the ETBS holders on December 8th 10pm GMT. As we do a snapshot to the Ethereum blockchain to know which ethereum address is holding ETBS and is empowered to receive their % of the airdrop and snapshot and airdrop deposit happens at the same time, it is critical, that in preparation for this event, you do the following before:

1. Close any outstanding ETBS orders on EtherDelta, Hitbtc, Coinexchange or any other exchanges before December 8th and make sure you do it before 10 pm GMT. You can buy more tokens to receive more % of ETH, but just if you buy and withdraw to your wallet before the snapshot, you cannot receive ETH if you buy ETBS after the snapshot.

2. Ensure that you hold your ETBS tokens on an Ethereum address where you own and control the private key. Please withdraw from exchanges.

3. Hold your ETBS token on an Ethereum wallet where you own and control the private key until the EthBits team has communicated that the snapshot already happened and you can claim your dividends, otherwise you may miss the snapshot and the airdropped ETH.

As an important reminder, PLEASE WITHDRAW FROM EXCHANGES to your wallet and make sure you hold your tokens in your wallet before DECEMBER 8TH 10PM GMT to be able to receive % of the airdrop as we said before.


Thank you all for your time. If you have additional questions please join our Telegram channel.