Hello our dear users and investors. Just as I have promised in the previous post, every month there would be an update on our finished and future work. Let’s get to business.

Ethbits Local:


What do we have now on Ethbits Local:

– 5 cryptocurrencies for selling, buying and exchanging: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethbits, Monero, Onix;

239 countries, 78 payment methods, 169 fiat currencies which you can select while creating your offer;

– Site is available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Chinese;

– We added 3 fields HeadlinePayment Details and Terms of Trade upon creating an offer for more detailed information for your future buyers/sellers;

– Added function “On Vacation” (on the page Settings -> Notifications), which allows you to deactivate your offer if you are not interested in trading at the moment.

– In modal sale window we added links-buttons for minimum and maximum so you can use them by clicking and not writing the data manually.


What’s next?

– Improvements, improvements and again improvements. We are always open for constructive criticism and suggestions on improving design and logistics of Ethbits Local. We will be grateful if you leave your comments.

– Is 5 cryptocurrencies enough for p2p exchanger? I think not. In the near future we will add 1 minable coin and 2 ERC20 tokens.

– “New cooperations” – not empty words you heard from us in Telegram group. Which? Follow our news in social networks to be the first to find out.

– Redesign of the exchange page. Unlike other exchangers, we have p2p exchange crypto-to-crypto. Currently Ethbits Local is a hybrid of centralized trade and p2p platform. When you do something which doesn’t have analogies it’s always uneasy, BUT we have a few ideas which will make p2p exchange crypto-to-crypto easy and convenient for all the users.

SMS notifications + online mode. Don’t want to miss a deal because you went out to make some tea? Easy.

– SEO improvements for public traders page.



1) Pre-registration for traders will be open in the beginning of January through our legal service;

2) Design of the exchange will be presented in the end of 2017;

3) ExchangeDB technology is in the stage of testing;

4) In closed Beta version there will be over 25 currency pairs;

5) UI of the exchange will be devided into 2 versions: for newbies and for professional traders, which would allow every user to Trade easily;

6) I often encounter the question about iTrade development process not being transparent. The answer is – iTrade is a half decentralized exchange. We cannot make our GIT repository public for security reasons. Design as I mentioned above will be provided by the end of this year.


Thank you all for your time. If you have additional questions or suggestions please write them in the comments below this post or in our Telegram channel.