Since the token sale, as an added measure and to secure a bright future for Ethbits, we indexed a small proportion of funds and as a result made some reasonable gains. We will publish these reports in Q4 of 2017 which will give more details in addition to reading the regular blogs.

This quarter we will release 50k usd in ETH to the users as a thank you for the commitment through the early teething problems that we are now overcoming. The other indexed funds profits have gone to aggressive security audits and hiring extra people in order to deliver our platform in a timely manner. So even from the token sale we have grown and we are still growing.

Our next target is integrating Ethbits Local to as many countries as we can while ensuring the development of iTrade is timely. During these months we have met some companies along the way and established strategical partnerships with. The official announcement of these will come soon. To claim your dividends you must have your ETBS in a non-exchange wallet (preferably MYETHERWALLET) and the instructions to claim your dividends are below. If you are not planning on selling your ETBS you can leave the dividends there and they will go no where. Just claim them before you move your ETBS to another wallet.

1.Go to

2.Click Contract tab (look the example image):

3.Paste this contract address 0x6822aaf4ab22e6cca8352a927b9ae0a8fdb58d9d in the Contract Address field (look the example image):

4.Go to and copy the whole text and paste that in the ABI/JSON field (look the example image):

5.Click “Access” and select claimDividendsAll from select a function box (look the example image):

6.Select the way you would like to use to access your wallet (look the example image):

7.Click WRITE (look the example image):

8.After you click WRITE you have to generate the transaction. You will be shown a screen with default values in. It is important you do not change these values and click GENERATE TRANSACTION, please wait until it generate the gas limit needed and the square turns green and shows you a number (look the example image):


9. You will then be given a TX id to track the transaction and that is your final step but incase problems with the network please keep reading.  The image below is just an example that shows you where to see how many ETH are you receiving (look the example image):

10.- Wait until the TX ID show the transaction as completed and you will have your dividends in your wallet address.


Once again we’d like to take this opportunity for thanking our community who have placed their trust in us, and maintained their confidence as we’ve working through these token related problem. We look forward to a bright future for the EthBits project that we all passionately believe in!


Kind Regards
EthBits Team

Woot Woot!!