To EthBits Community,

We have now completed the ETBS token swap.

Balances from the original ETB token contract ( and the upgraded ETB token contract ( were taken as of block number 4190270 and combined to initialise the balances on the new ETBS token contract (

Going forward from this block (4,190,270), the original and upgraded ETB contracts will no longer be used for any purpose by EthBits and as such any token balances or transfers on these contracts will be ignored – only the new ETBS token contract will be recognised by the EthBits team.

The new ETBS token contract has the following functionality and features:
1. An ETBS token symbol – this allows us to cleanly list our new token on exchanges, starting with EtherDelta.
2. Based on the MiniMeToken used by a number of recent high profile ICOs with well-audited code and features.
3. Ability to query balances as of specific block numbers – this allows us to implement an easy profit sharing scheme for dividend payments.
4. Token burning functionality (currently turned off) – this allows us to proceed with our EthBits roadmap to add utility for the ETBS token.

Further details regarding the profit sharing contract will be communicated in the coming days, so we encourage you to keep a close eye on the usual communication channels for this and further exciting updates on the EthBits project. The approach we are taken is detailed in the Medium article:

Once again we’d like to take this opportunity for thanking our community who have placed their trust in us, and maintained their confidence as we’ve working through these token related problems. Now that this is behind us we look forward to a bright future for the EthBits project that we all passionately believe in!


Kind Regards
EthBits Team