Updates: The ICO was a success and to better serve our customers, the user interface is undergoing several improvements.  Purchasing crypto as a new buyer can be confusing, so new tutorials are being composed to guide buyers on how to make purchases.  EthBits Local currently holds no funds in escrow and operates as a trust-only system.  Applications to become a seller are reviewed carefully and supplementary interviews may be required to ensure the legitimacy and ethics of sellers using the platform.  This can slow down the process and we thank you for your patience.

In the coming week, the current fee-based ETB token valued at $5 USD will be replaced by a value based on an API.  Work on iTrade has commenced and progress will be detailed in the monthly reports.  The ETH and BTC block chains are being uploaded and can be used for transactions on both platforms. This will allow the selling process on Ethbits Local to be more straight forward. The ETA for the 2 block chains is 4 weeks.

EthBits is listed on Coin Market Cap (www.coinmarketcap.com) with a current market cap of $3,993,307.  We expect the cap to grow substantially over the coming months.  ETB can be bought on Cryptopia (https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market=ETB_BTC) and Etherdelta.

Marketing costs for Twitter and Bitcointalk have been paid with details coming in a separate update.

Next steps: Starting in August, we will be reporting progress for both platforms monthly.  Look for design changes to EthBits Local within the next two weeks.  Aim to be on a major exchange.